zeinab-saleh-eating an apple.jpg

Eating an apple, 2019

Oils and acrylic on screenprinted cotton

60 x 75cm


Untitled, 2018

Acrylic and charcoal on paper

64 x 50cm​


4 star wedding, 2019

Video still, 4 minutes looped

So many eyes, 2018

Acrylic, charcoal and oils on cotton

100 x 120cm


Installation shot, Slade Degree Show 2019

Speed dial, 2019

Inkjet print on habotai silk and aluminum

Untitled, (gesture) and Eating an apple, 2019




Swim, 2019

Acrylic and oils on canvas

91 x 122cm


Waterfall, 2019

Digital photograph

Green eyes, 2018

Acrylic, oils, and diamantes on cotton

110 x 135cm

Untitled, 2019

Acrylic and charcoal on cotton

91 x 92cm

Trevi Fountain, 2018

Inkjet print on habotai silk

130 x 80cm

Installation shot, Of New Babylon, Lethaby Gallery, London

Untitled, (gesture)

Acrylic, charcoal and oils on cotton

127 x 127cm

Installation shot, 4 star wedding, 2019

Video, 4 minutes looped

The Poetics of the Neighborhood Rascals, Barbershop Mixed People, Rotterdam

 © Zeinab Saleh. All rights reserved. 2019

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